Our Philosophy

WThe philosophy of The Wag Resort is a simple one: Provide each and every dog with the very best, individualized care that they deserve.

Each dog that is admitted to our daycare program has been carefully screened for suitability in a group play setting. This screening is not only essential to ensure safe play for everyone, but even more importantly, it’s in you dog’s best interest.

Not all dogs enjoy group play and it would not be fair to put it in a stressful, unenjoyably, situation. We take this responsibility seriously at The Wag Resort and it guides all of our decisions.

Our Services

At The Wag Resort we know that each dog is an individual and all of our services are built around that.

Tiny Town was created specifically with the needs of the small breed in mind, White Whiskers was designed to pamper the older and wiser, Come/Go’s are well suited for the dog who prefers his own company, the Suites are for the socialite who needs a good nights rest between play dates.

Meet the Owner

Peggy Barron was raised in the Grand Valley since the age of 12, graduated from Fruita High School and went to college at University of Northern Colorado. After spending 20 years in Washington State, she moved back to Grand Junction five years ago to be close to family.

Dogs have been Peggy’s life and passion throughout her life. While in Washington, she owned a full service pet resort that offered boarding, dog daycare, grooming and training services. After relocating back to the Grand Valley, Peggy was surprised by the lack of high quality pet care facilities and finally decided to build one.

The dog owners in the greater Grand Junction care deeply about their pets and deserve a place where their dogs are happy & healthy, whether it be for boarding, daycare or grooming purposes. The purpose of the Wag Resort is to fill that need.

“I’m a firm believer that dogs are pack animals, who, with the proper screening and oversight, gain both physically and mentally from playing with each other. This is the basic principle based on which The Wag Resort was created.”

– Peggy Barron, Owner

Personally, Peggy has 6 dogs; two Whippets, a Greyhound, two Chinese Cresteds and a Great Pyrenees that guards the farm animals (Friesian horses, goats & chickens).

Our Happy Customers