March 23rd Newsletter

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WAG_eNews_Mar_23_2016 WoofTrax is a free app that is a trifecta in my book! It motivates you to walk your dog tracking where, and how far, you walked. And best of all, it supports an animal organization of your choice…

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February 16th Newsletter

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Wag Resort E-News for February 2016

The Wag Resort encourages and supports dog parents to be creative and find fun things to do with their dogs! Participating in activities with your dog keeps him mentally and physically engaged with his family, while promoting a positive
relationship with you…

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January 29th Newsletter

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Dogs are developmentally at their most receptive to socialization between 3 and 12 weeks of age. However due to a number of mitigating circumstances early socialization does not always happen,which might impact the puppy’s social development. This does not mean he will…

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January 15th Newsletter

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Stimulating your dog’s mind and challenging him to try new things is one of the keys to a Happy Dog! The best way to accomplish this is with TRAINING! Your dog is never too old or too young to learn something new! Training opens a line of communication between you and your dog…

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