Wag Resort Dog Daycare

icon_daycareYour dog will have the time of its life interacting with friends in the large indoor and outdoor play areas!

Our highly trained staff directly supervises all social groups to ensure each dog is having fun and, most importantly, staying safe. Daycare meets your dog’s needs for exercise, attention and structure. It is the perfect antidote for the bored, lonely, destructive or high-energy dog.

Imagine the pleasure of picking up a relaxed, happy, Wagger at the end of your long day! You can both go home and spend quality time with each other.

Designed for dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments!

Try it for Free!

To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all dogs, we offer a free day at the Wag Resort so we can assess your dog and his suitability in playgroups. Just try it out, you’re out nothing and your dog will love you for it!

Daily Daycare Rates

$25 per day / second dog @ $20

Prepay Packages

$250 for 11 days / per dog
$500 for 25 days / per dog

Owner's Contract for Wag Services


Pick up a tired and CLEAN dog
$15 – $30

From basic training, to social manners, advanced skill building, or even that annoying issue you may be experiencing with your dog. Our trainer can work with your dog during his stay.
$20 session

Note : Not all dogs are suitable for integration into play groups. Suitability is determined by the staff on a daily basis. Any intact dog (male or female) over 6 months of age will not be placed in social groups.

The Wag Resort Dog Daycare Difference

Dog Behaviorist on Staff
The Wag Resort is owned by a dog behaviorist / trainer who will ensure that all play buddies are properly matched based on their temperament and activity level. Our staff is trained, and tested, on dog language, behavior, how to avoid conflict, pack management, etc. that results in a safe play experience for your dog. We can advise you on common behavior issues and will always give you honest feedback on how your dog enjoys its time at the Wag Resort.

Small vs Large
Let’s face it, even if you own a terrier, small breeds are safer and happier with play buddies of their own size. At the Wag Resort, small breeds have their designated indoor and outdoor play areas that allow them to play safely and comfortably with friends of equal size. No need to worry about your mini being unintentionally hurt, or bullied, by a larger dog.

Outdoor Yards
The several outdoor play yards with swimming pools and play equipment allow us to keep our play groups small to avoid personality conflicts which are common in big groups while your dog is at dog daycare. Again, safety first!

Indoor / Outdoor Yards
As nice as the weather is on the Western Slope, the sun and cold can hamper the best of play dates. That is why we have outdoor and indoor play space so no matter what Mother Nature gives us, your dog is guaranteed a good time.

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