Wag Resort Dog Training

icon_boardingOur Wag Resort’s Dog Training is designed to cater to your dog regardless of its size, temperament or needs.

We offer several training options from which you can pick what fits your dog the best.

Doggie College

This is a four week intensive program that will transform any dog into a joy to own. Your dog will stay at the Wag, he is trained daily with plenty of play breaks and exercise in between. He will go home with you on the weekends so that you can practice the skills he has learned during the week. You will also meet with the trainer weekly to practice what your dog has learned. This program offers the best results, and is an easy process for you.

Play ‘n Train

A customer favorite. Your dog gets the best of both worlds: fun & learning! Your dog comes for a day of Daycare and will receive one-on-one training while here.

The trainer will focus on your dog’s personal needs, such as, Coming When Called, No Jumping, Loose Leash Walking, etc. There is no limit to what our trainer can work on with your dog.

If you don’t see what you want, just ask! We can make it happen. Our goal is to make your relationship with your dog the best.

Wag Resort Group Training Classes

Group Classes for all ages, sizes and levels of Dogs!  All training sessions are 6 weeks long and will require you and your dog to meet with us once a week.

Puppy Training Classes

For the kids under 6 months of age. The focus is on surviving puppyhood, socialization and laying that ever important foundation. Classes are fun and interactive. Come enjoy learning with your new pup and be surprised how easy it can be.

Basic Training Classes

For the teenagers from 6 months and older. It is never too late to train your dog! We cover all the basic manners and will address any issues you may be experiencing with your dog.

Tiny Tots

This class is a hit for the small breed dog owners. Our experience has shown that little guys enjoy learning with like sized buddies and have unique needs. If you have a small breed dog you will love this class.

Intermediate and Advanced

We will be offering additional Intermediate and Advanced training classes for those who graduate from Puppy and Basic classes and are ready to expand on their learning!


Meet Our Trainer

Bob McHugh loves what he does and has 15 years of experience in helping people enjoy their dogs! Bob can help you with any issues from housebreaking or jumping to walking on a loose leash and separation anxiety. Each dog – owner team is treated as individuals and the best method is chosen to fix any issues you might be experiencing.

Bob prefers using positive, rewards based training methods and can switch to a multitude of techniques as needed to benefit you and your dog

Bob enjoys the flexibility of private training as well as the structure and camaraderie of group training classes – he can tailor any training program to meet your needs and works around your busy schedule.

Bob is often seen around town with his personal dog Peanut.

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